Should You Sell Your Soul?

Would anyone buy it?

The answer is absolutely.
The questions are:

1. Should you sell it?
2. Should you share it?
3. How much is it worth?

The answers to all of these common questions is: it depends

Find out what you're really worth

Knowing what your soul is worth begins just like any standard valuation. A preliminary audit of your souls worth can be calculated by entering a number of Key Soul Factors (KSFs) into a proprietary formula. 


Q1: Does it hurt?
Sometimes. In such cases, the pain is generally psychological angst.

Q2: I’m really a piece of shit, is it possible to have a negative valuation?
No. Even the worst of the worst are worth something. And with our all-star advisement and investing team, even the shittiest of shitty souls can be improved.

Q3: How can I get started?
Coming soon there will be a sign-up to submit applications for beta-users. Patience is a virtue and will likely improve your souls worth.